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Arduino Light Follower Robot Arduino Uno Light Follower Robot Arduino Light Follower Robot

Arduino light follower robot is a mobile robot which detects the light (such as the light of a flashlight) and follows the light on the travelling path.

Arduino Uno R3 is used as the controller board of the light follower robot.

L298N motor driver board is used for driving of geared DC motors.

The robot has two light detection sensors which are prepared with LDRs (light dependent resistors).

The sensitivity of the sensors can be set by using the trimpots on each sensor circuit.

Light follower robot is activated with light. The robot moves as long as it detects the light.

Robot chassis is prepared with 3 mm thick 150 mm diameter plexiglass material.

The robot has two 6 V geared DC motors, two wheels and a caster ball wheel.

Arduino light follower robot is powered by a 9 V alkaline battery.

Arduino Light Follower Robot Video
Arduino Uno R3 L298N Motor Driver Board Arduino Light Follower Robot Chassis Arduino Light Sensor