Arduino Uno R3 Line Follower Robot

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Arduino Line Follower Robot Arduino Uno Line Follower Robot Arduino Uno R3 Line Follower Robot

Arduino line follower robot tracks the white path on a black surface.

Arduino Uno R3 is used as the controller board of the line follower robot.

L298N motor driver board is used for driving of geared DC motors.

The robot has three TCRT5000 sensors for tracking the line. A 74HC14 Schmitt triger is used for the sensor circuit.

Robot chassis is prepared with 3 mm thick 150 mm diameter plexiglass material.

The robot has two 6 V geared DC motors, two wheels and a caster ball wheel.

Arduino line follower robot is powered by a 9 V alkaline battery.

Arduino Line Follower Robot Video

Arduino Uno R3 L298N Motor Driver Board Arduino Line Follower Robot Chassis Arduino Line Tracking Sensor