Fast Obstacle Avoider Line Follower Robot
Fast line follower robot with obstacle detection

This is a fast line follower robot that tracks the white path on a black surface.

The robot uses 4 CNY70 sensors in order to track the line. 74HC14 Schmitt triger was used for the sensor circuit.

MZ80 Infrared sensor was used to detect the obstacles on the line while the robot is moving.

When the robot detects an obstacle on the road, it stops, alerts with its buzzer and waits until the obstacle is removed.

Video of the Robot

The robot was powered by 8 AA alkaline batteries.

PIC16F628A was used as microcontroller for the robot.

L293 motor driver was used for the driving of the DC motors.

The body of the robot was prepared with 3 mm plexiglass material.

Obstacle avoider line follower robot Obstacle avoider line follower robot